Call to Schedule Your Flu Vaccine Appointments 610-434-2162

Getting vaccinated against influenza is important, especially this year!

Besides regular office appointments, we will be offering appointments for our Flu Drive Through Clinics at our Allentown office and Flu Day Fridays at our Bethlehem office.  All are by appointment only!

Masks must be worn by everyone ages 2 and older the whole time while you are in our parking lot during Drive Through Clinics and in our office for appointments.

Children ages 2 years and under should have leg ready and ages over 2 should have arm ready to receive vaccine during the clinics.

Prior to the appointment, please read the vaccination information sheets (VIS) for the flu vaccines.



Please call 610-434-2162 today to schedule your child’s appointment to receive their flu vaccine for the 2020/2021 Flu Season.

*Flu Drive Through Clinics are weather permitting, with heavy rain day rescheduled.