Dosage Charts

Acetaminophen Dosage

 Infant’s Concentrated Drops 160mg/5mLChildren’s Suspension Liquid 160mg/5mLChildren’s Soft Chewable Tablets 80mg eachJunior Strength Chewable Tablets 160mg each
WeightAge TeaspoonTabletTablet
12-17 lbs4-11 mos2.5ml½ tsp.  
18-23 lbs12-23 mos 3.75ml¾ tsp.  
24-35 lbs2-3 yrs 5ml1 tsp.2 
36-47 lbs4-5 yrs 1½ tsp.3 
48-59 lbs6-8 yrs 2 tsp.42
60-71 lbs9-10 yrs 2 ½ tsp.52 ½
72-95 lbs11 yrs 3 tsp.63
96 lbs & over12 yrs   4

Please note: One dose lasts 4 hours. Do not give >5 doses in 24 hours.

Ibuprofen Dosage

  Infant’s Ibuprofen Concentrated Drops 50mg/1.25mL Children’s Ibuprofen Suspension 100mg/5mL Children’s Soft Chewable Tablets 50mg each Junior Strength Chewable Tablets 100mg eachJunior Strength Ibupofen Caplets 100mg
WeightAgeDropperful (Use dropper)TeaspoonTabletTabletCaplet
12-17 lbs6-11 mos1=(1.25 mL)    
18-23 lbs12-23 mos1 ½=(1.875 mL)    
24-35 lbs2-3 yrs2=(2.5 mL)1 tsp.2  
36-47 lbs4-5 yrs 1½ tsp.3  
48-59 lbs6-8 yrs 2 tsp.422
60-71 lbs9-10 yrs 2 ½ tsp.52 ½2 ½
72-95 lbs11 yrs 3 tsp.633

Please Note: One dose lasts 6-8 hours. Not to be used under 6 months.

  • Milliliter is abbreviated as mL; 5mL equals one teaspoon (tsp).
  • Don’t use household teaspoons, which can vary in size.
  • Aspirin should not be used in children to treat fever or pain.